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Why the Cliff Richard privacy judgment is not a threat to the freedom of the press

The head of news at the BBC, Fran Unsworth, has said that the judgment “creates a significant shift against press freedom.” No. It doesn’t.

No, not all men are perverts; but this isn’t a “toxic time for masculinity”

Responding to comments by Martin Daubney on the Sky News newspaper review about Jane Moore’s column in The Sun today, Gavin Drake argues that it is right to create a “toxic time” for abusers.

Recent events have a lot to teach us about attitudes towards violence against women

A disturbing attitude towards gender-based violence links the Presidents Club furore and complaints about Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s handling of the accusation against Bishop George Bell. Both cases reveal one of the most pervasive rape-myths that frustrates justice for too many victims.

Toby Young’s reserved un-reserved apology is to be welcomed

Toby Young’s decision to resign as a non-executive director of the embryonic quango Office for Students is to be welcomed. As is his “unreserved apology” for his past comments that made his appointment untenable. Even though his unreserved apology is somewhat reserved. His statement suggests…

Violence against women is a sin

Yesterday, during an interview with Ed Stourton on BBC Radio Four’s Sunday programme, I mentioned a video produced by church leaders in Fiji (listen here, from 12’22”). The ecumenical campaign saw Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Salvation Army, Methodist, evangelical and other church leaders deliver a…

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