This page contains a selection of my articles and broadcasts prepared overseas.

It does not aim to be comprehensive; but it does show the range of issues that I cover.

29/05/2015 – Church Times
Dunkirk, France: France salutes the little ships of Dunkirk

22/05/2015 – Church Times
Strasbourg, France: Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán censured over death-penalty move

21/05/2015 – Church Times
Strasbourg, France: MEPs call for an end to Rohingya persecution

24/04/2015 – Church Times
Brussels, Belgium: EU leaders argue over how to solve migration crisis

01/02/2015 – Christianity Magazine
Cairo, Egypt: The Shelter of Egypt

01/02/2015 – Third Way Magazine
Jerusalem, Israel: Independent steps on holy ground

28/11/2014 – Church Times
Strasbourg, France: Pope urges Europe to rediscover religious roots

25/11/2014 – Church Times
Strasbourg, France: Pope Francis offers compass bearing to ‘weary’ European Parliament

17/10/2014 – Church Times
El Minya, Egypt: Signs of hope for Christians in Egypt

13/06/2014 – Church Times
Brussels, Belgium: G7 talks tough on Ukraine

13/06/2014 – Church Times
Normandy, France: Veterans honoured in ‘revival of remembrance’

06/06/2014 – Church Times
Normandy, France: Queen leads tributes to D-Day veterans

05/06/2014 – Church Times
Brussels, Belgium: Withdraw from Ukraine, G7 tells Putin

24/01/2014 – Church Times
Jerusalem, Israel: Independent steps on holy ground

26/04/2013 – Church Times
Warsaw, Poland: Seventy years on, the city of Warsaw remembers its dead

07/09/2012 – Church Times
Strasbourg, France: Lawyer: No discrimination if employees can resign

30/03/2010 – BBC Local Radio
Jerusalem, Israel: Easter in Jerusalem



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