Will you pray for the media?

What do you think of when somebody says “the media”? For most people, the term is synonymous with “Fleet Street” – the eponymous collective of scribes, hacks, journalists, reporters, photographers, snappers – whatever you want to call us, that write or take pictures for newspapers. Whenever I deliver media training, I always try to dissuade the participants from talking […]

I’m not a photographer, nor a photo-journalist, but we’re all multi – “skilled” now

I make no claims to be a photographer.  So much so that I was forced to stop taking photos for a short while last year when the dial on my Canon EOS 10D dropped off.  I couldn’t figure out how to ensure it was on the “automatic” setting and had to send the camera for […]

The Leveson Inquiry – a brief update of the evidence to date (it’s all Tom Watson’s fault)

It’s not the Murdochs’ fault, it’s one lone journalist. It’s not the one lone journalist’s fault, it’s the executives. It’s not the executives’ fault, it’s the lawyers. It’s not the lawyers’ fault, it’s the police. It’s not the police’s fault, it’s the company. It’s not the company’s fault, it’s the private investigators. It’s not the […]

My blog in 2011 – a summary

Most of this will be meaningless, as I’ve deleted all the posts from last year to comply with neutrality of reporters required by some of my clients; but it is interesting (to me at least) none-the-less. Last year, the most popular search terms which brought people to my blog via search engines were: Gavin Drake […]

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