Did you hear about the evangelical Bishop of Willesden’s attack on Anglo-Catholics?

It is a rule of journalism that the answer to any question asked in a headline is usually “No!”

Recent events have a lot to teach us about attitudes towards violence against women

A disturbing attitude towards gender-based violence links the Presidents Club furore and complaints about Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s handling of the accusation against Bishop George Bell. Both cases reveal one of the most pervasive rape-myths that frustrates justice for too many victims.

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 28 Jan 2018

A lapsed Catholic goes to church for the first time in years. Before the service he feels he has to go into the confessional box to seek forgiveness for his long absence. He was amazed to find shelves containing fine Belgium chocolates, and a pint…

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 27 Jan 2018

A few years ago, I had to go to hospital and was in there for a few weeks. I got more than a little bored with the quality of the food and drinks on offer and so put my dressing gown on over the hospital…

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 26 Jan 2018

Three people fall overboard from a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Eventually they find sanctuary in the safety of an uninhabited island. Like all desert-island stories, the men are stranded and are not found by rescuers, so they make their new homes…

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 25 Jan 2018

Two vampire bats were hanging around in a barn on an isolated rural farm. They were desperately hungry because the farmer had moved the last of his animals for slaughter, and there hadn’t been enough blood for them to feed on. Finally, one of the…

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 24 Jan 2018

I have a lot of Jewish friends, and I have noticed that when I visit a couple, the lady of the house never offers me a cup of tea. It is always the husband who does it. I’ve worked out why: In Israel, Hebrews.

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 23 Jan 2018

My dad taught me to swim the old fashioned way by throwing me into the water. It worked too. I’m a very confident swimmer. Although trying to get out of the sack was a little hard because he’d always tie the knot too tight.

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 22 Jan 2018

A nun and a lawyer die on the same day and arrive at heaven’s gate together. St Peter is there to greet them and reassures them that they have been expected. “Follow me”, he says and he leads the pair through the streets of heaven….