Bootleg of Will Todd’s alarming new composition

I am partially deaf. In my case it is not the most severe of disabilities but it can hamper my work as a journalist at times. I use a number of tools and workarounds to overcome the difficulties that would otherwise prevent me from listening…

Am yow alright?

In the Church of England, it is customary during a General Synod debate for the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to be called to speak whenever they stand, jumping the queue ahead of bishops, clergy and laity (they usually let the debate proceed for a…

Conservative evangelicals set up rival Anglicans structure

The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, meeting in London, say they’ll offer alternative spiritual leadership to dissaffected members of the Church of England.  They also want an alternative to the Archbishop of Canterbury as chairman of the Anglican primates meeting.  Is this a way of keeping…

Church response to rising youth unemployment

Gavin Drake reports on what practical steps churches can offer to the young unemployed in the week that new figures show a rise in the number of young out of work. The Sunday Programme, BBC Radio 4

Yorkshire diocese hosts international inter-faith dialogue

The diocese of Wakefield arranged a visit to Britain for a group of religious leaders and law enforcement officials from an area of pakistan where nine Christians were killed in Muslim-led riots.  Our reporter Gavin Drake spent the day with them in Yorkshire. The Sunday…

The General Synod debates women bishops

Gavin Drake reports from this week’s meeting of the Church of England’s General Synod where issues around Women Bishops were debated. The Sunday Programme, BBC Radio 4

First anniversary of the Ordinariate

A church service on Sunday will celebrate the first anniversary of the founding of the Anglican Ordinariate. Gavin Drake looks back at its first year and investigates whether it has a future The Sunday Programme, BBC Radio 4

New front in Israeli / Palestinian conflict opens up in Britain’s system of advertising regulation

Last week, Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority released its latest adjudication on an advert by the Israeli Government Tourist Office in London. The advert featured the feeding of the five thousand and the authority ruled that it was not misleading or offensive for the national press…

Former Worcestershire rector takes bishop to employment tribunal

Gavin Drake reports on the case before an Employment Tribunal of Rev Mark Sharpe who was forced to leave his Worcestershire parish. The outcome of the case could change the status of clergy within the Church of England. The Sunday Programme, BBC Radio 4

MPs investigate whether UK Christians are marginalised

A committee of MPs are quizing senior church reprepsentatives about whether Christians face discrimination.  The cross party group is chaired by the Conservative MP Gary Streeter and the inquiry has been inspired by well publicised cases in which Christians have apparently been discriminated against in…