Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 23 Jan 2018

My dad taught me to swim the old fashioned way by throwing me into the water. It worked too. I’m a very confident swimmer. Although trying to get out of the sack was a little hard because he’d always tie the knot too tight.

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 22 Jan 2018

A nun and a lawyer die on the same day and arrive at heaven’s gate together. St Peter is there to greet them and reassures them that they have been expected. “Follow me”, he says and he leads the pair through the streets of heaven….

Gavin’s Joke of the Day: 21 Jan 2018

We had a congregational lunch at church last week. Rather than the usual sandwiches and sausage rolls, the vicar had cooked up a huge batch of spaghetti carbonara. Which was great, because I was hungry. But he insisted on chatting with everybody as he dished…