My blog in 2011 – a summary

Most of this will be meaningless, as I’ve deleted all the posts from last year to comply with neutrality of reporters required by some of my clients; but it is interesting (to me at least) none-the-less.

Last year, the most popular search terms which brought people to my blog via search engines were:

  • Gavin Drake Blog
  • Gavin Drake
  • Giles Fraser
  • Policing By Consent
  • Tottenham Riot
This is a sign that social media is only one way of getting the word out about blogs – the fact that people were searching specifically for me and for the blog meant they were hearing about it from other means (word of mouth) and trying to find it.

That doesn’t mean that social media isn’t an essential tool to get the message out.  The top referring sites (where people came to my blog from), are:

The busiest day of my blog last year was 1st March with what became the most-read  article of the year: Misplaced outrage over High Court “ban” on Christian foster parents.
Those stories have gone now.  And I’m not entirely sure what shape the blog will take in 2012; but I hope it remains interesting and relevant.
Thanks for following and reading in 2011 – please stick with me through 2012 too.
Happy New Year!
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