I’m getting married in the morning (I think)!

I’m getting married in the morning!
(well, in the afternoon, actually, on 19 September)

Ding dong! The bells are gonna chime
(no way – bell ringers count as part of our 30)

Pull out the stopper!
(but check first that wine is still permissible in a Covid-secure wedding)

Let’s have a whopper!
(we can go individually to Burger King with members of the public but might not be able to have a socially distanced family meal in a spacious venue)

But get me to the church on time!
(before they change the regulations and ban weddings completely again)

I gotta be there in the mornin’
(make sure I’m there before a local lockdown is announced)

Spruced up and lookin’ in me prime.
(“prime”? I’m 50!)

Girls, come and kiss me;
(don’t you dare – keep two metres apart or “one metre plus”)

Show how you’ll miss me.
(I assume you’re already missing me as you’ve not seen me since March)

But get me to the church on time!

If I am dancin’
(no – not allowed)

Roll up the floor.
(can’t get that drunk AND maintain social distancing)

If I am whistlin’
(no singing, and definitely no whistling!)

Whewt me out the door
(not sure whether whewting is allowed either – no mention of it in the regulations)

For I’m gettin’ married in the mornin’
(if it is in anyway possible!)

  • With apologies to Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe and Warner Chappell Music, Inc